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describes the directional dependency of properties. Due to the fiber reinforcement, a composite has different material properties in all three spatial axes

with our Radius-Pultrusion it is also possible to produce bicycle rims

means carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Is always used Always used when high stiffness is required in addition to high strength.

Pultrusion tools are protected against the abrasive effects of the fibres by a chromium layer.

The impregnated fibres are cured in the pultrusion mould. This has several heating zones at different temperatures and thus enables optimum hardening of the profile.

In addition to unidirectional reinforcement by rovings, NCFs and woven fabrics can also be used in pultrusion to transmit forces in the profile in line with the load.

The positioning of fiber material by guiding cards in front of the curing tool represents one of the greatest challenges in the pultrusion of complex geometries. We are happy to support our pultrusion machine customers in this area with our many years of know-how.

is the ratio of the volume of the fibres to the total volume of a fibre-reinforced material. Typically, this ration is between 55 and 65%.

our Radius-Pultrusion can also be used for layers in riser and flowlines

stands for glass fibre reinforced plastic. GRP is used for strength-dominated components.

You have developed a new resin and want to test it in pultrusion? You are welcome to hire a pultrusion machine with experienced pultrusion staff.

Profiles with hollow chambers can be produced in pultrusion. Long heated mandrels protrude into the mould to form the cavity during curing.

Resins with a short pot life must be processed with an injection unit. KraussMaffei injection units are used for radius pultrusion lines.

is the plastic that is responsible for shaping the fiber composite profile. Thermosets such as unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins or epoxy resins are most frequently used in pultrusion.

With only 3,5 meters pullCUBE is world´s shortest pultrusion machine. For more information please visit www.pullcube.de

The pulling force is applied to the cured profile via the pulling unit. Particular attention must be paid to even force distribution in order to avoid damaging the profile. In addition to the normal, simple clamping of the profile from above, clamping units from the side may also be necessary, especially for hollow chamber profiles.

It is also possible to buy a pullwinding machine at Thomas. Pullwinding is the combination of a winding unit and a pultrusion machine.

The speed in pultrusion depends on the tool length and the resin used and its reaction time. The use of linear pultrusion or radius pultrusion has no influence on the drawing speed. For polyester resins, for example, drawing speeds of approx. one meter per minute can be achieved.

In order to pultrude profiles, an internal release agent must be added to the resin. Without release agent, the mould would stick to the profile. The release agent must always be matched to the resin to be used.

easiest way to impregnate reinforcing material. The fibres and fabrics are pulled through a bath filled with matrix and thus completely impregnated. This requires a sufficiently low viscosity of the resin.

our Radius-Pultrusion can also be used for layers for riser and flowlines in the oil industry

pultrusion resins are Thermosets like Polyester, Vinylester oder Epoxy resins.