Radius Pultrusion

Radius Pultrusion enables the production of profiles with any...
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Wing Suspension

After the invention of the slatted frame in 1957, we revolutionised...
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Founded in 1935, Thomas Holding develops, produces and distributes technology-oriented products for human comfort. Thomas Technik and Innovation as the development and production company of the group covers a very wide field of technologies, especially in the field of pultrusion.

With the radius pultrusion developed by us, we are able to produce curved profiles as well as coil-shaped profiles continuously with almost any gradients and radii.

As a systems developer, Thomas Technik + Innovation has extensive know-how in connection technologies for fiber composite profiles. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, we have been an active supplier to the automotive industry since 2001.

The pultrusion developed 60 years ago is the only truly large-scale process for the production of fiber composite components. However, it was limited to just a few profiles by 2009 and its application.

With the development of the radius pultrusion, the possibilities for the first time could be extended to 2-dimensional curved profiles in 2008 and to 3-dimensional curved profiles in 2009.
Since then, any kind of three-dimensionally curved profiles can be produced in a continuous process.