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Due to its high production speeds, pultrusion is the only process for mass production in the composite industry. Thomas Technik + Innovation has been manufacturing fiber-reinforced profiles for more than 20 years for customers and its own needs on the pultrusion machines it has designed itself. The many years of use in the company's own production facilities have resulted in extremely reliable systems that are second to none in terms of process control and documentation.
The invention of radius pultrusion proved that Thomas Technik + Innovation is a technology leader. As Thomas Technik + Innovation's pultrusion machines were also developed for this groundbreaking innovation, it was decided to expand the range of products on offer: In addition to the manufacture of profiles, Thomas Technik + Innovation also offers its customers the purchase of pultrusion lines. Once a license agreement has been signed, customers can produce their own Radius-Pultrusion profiles without the need for a complex logistics chain. Therefore, not only manufacturers but also leading research institutes rely on pultrusion systems from Thomas. In addition, TTI pultrusion systems are characterized by the following advantages:

  • pulling forces between 5 tons and 20 tons can be realized individually adapted to your requirements
  • All resins suitable for pultrusion can be used (impregnation by a resin bath or injection)
  • for glass fibres and carbon fibres
  • high output through pulling speeds up to 4m/min
  • pulling force measurement for process monitoring and optimization
  • Process parameters are stored in the system or on your company network
  • System control with intuitive touch screen operation
  • space-saving multi-line pultrusion systems possible
  • for straight and curved profiles
  • We will gladly carry out the process development for your component and transfer the process together with the pultrusion machine to you.

The training of your employees is carried out by a tried and tested training concept. This means that your employees are optimally equipped for the daily work in pultrusion. Should you have any questions or problems during the later operation, we will be happy to help you even after delivery of the system. For us, every delivery of a pultrusion line represents the beginning of a long-term partnership. We are looking forward to supporting you in your lightweight construction projects!